Al Hayat – Jan. 16

Elbaradei Pullout ” Push” for “2nd Revolution” Advocates

Mohamed Elbaradei’s decision to quit Egypt presidential race came as “a push” for revolution youth who see that the goals of the revolution have not been achieved and call for turning the first anniversary into a “second revolution” to force SCAF to leave power for civilian rulers.

Election results were painful for revolution youth because they got only 5% of the new parliament versus more than 70% for Islamists – the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists – which increased their feeling of exclusion.

Youth coalitions praised Elbaradei’s pullout decision. Elbaradei is seen as the representative of revolutionary forces in the presidential race.

Mahmoud Afifi, 6th of April Movement spokesman, told al Hayat that Elbaradei’s pullout decision is considered as a message of protest against SCAF.

His decision will surely increase the revolutionary momentum on Jan. 25 because after one year of the revolution, the proper environment for competition has not been provided for a fair presidential race just like the case under Mubarak.

Moderators of “The Second Rage Revolution” page on Facebook said: “Elbaradei’s pullout is a powerful slap to SCAF and an open call for taking to streets on Jan. 25 to complete Egypt’s revolution.”

The “Coalition of Egypt Revolutionists” said in a statement: “Elbaradei’s pullout decision is a position that supports the revolution and not a languor from him.”

The statement urged other presidential hopefuls to do the same like Elbaradei and not to participate “in a counterrevolution farce.”

It seems that Elbaradei’s decision – just like any other event – will widen the gap more and more between revolution youth and Islamic forces.

Some Islamic forces said that “Elbaradei pulled out after he realized the reality”, noting that he took such a step after he became certain that the mood of the Egyptian street goes to the Islamic trend, and this what elections showed.

But this explanation made revolution youth angry, who said “this is an attempt to defame the man (Elbaradei) the same way like the former regime.”