Below is Mohamed Elbaradei’s statement in which he quitted Egypt presidential race:


To my family, the people of Egypt


Our glorious revolution is about to complete its first year. And I would like to seize this chance to pay my deep condolences once again to the families of our martyrs and thousands of victims of the injured who sacrificed their blood and souls in order for us and our children to enjoy a modern Egypt based on freedom, human dignity and social justice. May all of them rest in peace and I pray for God to accept them among martyrs.


The ship of the revolution has passed through a tough way and was tossed about by tough waves and it knows the safe harbor very well and knows exactly how to reach it. But the captain who drives it – with no choice from the passengers and with no experience on how to drive it – foundered between the waves without a clear compass, while we offer him all kinds of help, but he rejects and chooses to go forward in the old way as if there was no revolution and no regime fell.


The nation must be brought together in an organized and agreed-upon political process in which we launch freedoms and open the windows for fresh air to enter in order to purge the minds and souls from all forms of dictatorship and in order to grant ourselves the period needed to write our constitution together in a manner full of the spirit of agreement based on respecting the basic human rights and to elect our representatives and leaders within a political and constitutional frame that ensures fair and free elections; elections that ensure representation for all categories and orientations of the Egyptian people. The captain took us to labyrinths and deep dialogs while it makes decision alone and in a way that reflects confusion and randomness in the vision. This aggravated the splits between the categories of the society at the time we are in bad need for unity and concord.


At the same time, a suppressive security policy was followed that is marked by violence, harassment and killing and the referral of revolutionists to military trials instead of protecting them and punishing those who killed their friends. All this comes under the illegitimate state of emergency and the non-understandable absence of security and the bad management of the economy, in addition to not taking decisive steps to purge the state bodies – especially the judiciary and the media – from the corruption of the former regime, and without taking decisive steps to isolate the symbols of the former regime or prevent them from continuing corrupting the political life. Randomness and mismanagement of the transitional process lead the country away from the goals of the revolution, which makes all of us feel that the former regime has not fallen.


However, I do not want despair to find a way to the spirits. Lessons of history teach us that all great revolutions pass through such ups and downs, but at the end they reach the safe harbor. The most important thing that was achieved in the past year is breaking the barrier of fear and that the people restored their belief in their ability to change and that they are the master and the ruler. Also the strong participation in elections – despite their clear defects – enhances confidence in the people’s ability to practice democracy and self-government.


I am confident that this people will continue demanding their rights until they get them all. I call upon all the revolution forces to work with all categories of the people in order to achieve that goal, sticking always to the peacefulness of the revolution. Peaceful protest is the source of power and purity for the revolution.


My brothers, my sisters, citizens of Egypt


I reviewed the best ways with which I could serve the goals of the revolution in light of this reality. And I found no place inside the official frame to allow me to do so, including the position of the president for which preparations are underway before putting the constitution that controls the relation between powers and protects freedoms.


In light of all these circumstances, I decided not to run for president. This decision does not mean I am quitting the scene, but I will continue serving this country more effectively, from outside the official positions, free of all restrictions.


I have severally said that my goal is to help the people of my homeland to rebuilt Egypt that we all belong to and feel proud of and that my goal is not to achieve personal interest. However, I endured a lot of offense, lying and ethical inferiority before and after the revolution, from a regime writhe with fear from hearing the truth. I took upon myself an oath not to care about all these offenses and to focus my effort on all that leads to public interest. But I affirmed since the beginning that my conscience will not allow me to run for president or any other official position except within a real democratic system that takes the essence of democracy and not the outer appearance of democracy.


The revolution expresses the conscience of the nation, which revolted. The revolution is not connected to any person. And at the time all persons will go, the revolution will continue as long as the conscience of the nation is alive. I said it two years ago and would like to repeat it now: Only youth will rebuild this nation…the youth whose consciences have not been polluted by the corruption of the regime and its suppressive methods. Those youth are the dream and the hope and that’s why I will continue working with them in the coming period amid the mass of our people in order to enable them to effective participation in the political action in order for them to take the lead of Egypt in the near future and to achieve all the goals of the nation: Freedom, human dignity and social justice. I am confident that Egypt’s youth along with all those who have faith in them and in their goals, will succeed with their renewed thinking and they will lead this nation to a better future. And this will be the best honor for hundreds of martyrs and thousands of injured, who sacrificed themselves for Egypt and its people.


Long live Egypt free and proud with its people


Mohamed Elbaradei