Al Ahram – Dec. 20

Runoffs of 2nd Round of Egypt Vote Begin Tomorrow

Runoffs of the 2nd round of Egyptian parliamentary elections begin tomorrow in 9 provinces.

Runoffs will take two days; Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 21 & 22.

118 candidates compete over 59 individual seats.

At the same time, there will be elections on “electoral lists” in 3 constituencies in the provinces of Beheira, Sohag and Menofiya. Those elections were delayed.

Brotherhood’s Freedom & Justice Party (FJP) has 47 candidates in the 2nd round runoffs.

Salafists’ Nour Party has 36 candidates in the 2nd round runoffs. It competes with FJP over 26 seats out of the total number of seats of the 2nd round.

The Egyptian Bloc has 3 candidates in the 2nd round runoffs.

Wafd Party, the Democratic Front Party and the Egyptian Democratic Party has only 1 candidate each in the 2nd round runoffs.

There are 11 candidates from the former ruling party NDP in the runoffs and 18 independents.

So the map of candidates is as follows:

FJP : 47

Nour Party: 36

Wafd: 1

Democratic Front Party: 1

Egyptian Democratic Party: 1

Egyptian Bloc: 3

Independents: 18

Former ruling party NDP: 11


Total: 118