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Runoffs of 2nd Round of Egypt Vote Begin Tomorrow

Al Ahram – Dec. 20

Runoffs of 2nd Round of Egypt Vote Begin Tomorrow

Runoffs of the 2nd round of Egyptian parliamentary elections begin tomorrow in 9 provinces.

Runoffs will take two days; Wednesday and Thursday, Dec. 21 & 22.

118 candidates compete over 59 individual seats.

At the same time, there will be elections on “electoral lists” in 3 constituencies in the provinces of Beheira, Sohag and Menofiya. Those elections were delayed.

Brotherhood’s Freedom & Justice Party (FJP) has 47 candidates in the 2nd round runoffs.

Salafists’ Nour Party has 36 candidates in the 2nd round runoffs. It competes with FJP over 26 seats out of the total number of seats of the 2nd round.

The Egyptian Bloc has 3 candidates in the 2nd round runoffs.

Wafd Party, the Democratic Front Party and the Egyptian Democratic Party has only 1 candidate each in the 2nd round runoffs.

There are 11 candidates from the former ruling party NDP in the runoffs and 18 independents.

So the map of candidates is as follows:

FJP : 47

Nour Party: 36

Wafd: 1

Democratic Front Party: 1

Egyptian Democratic Party: 1

Egyptian Bloc: 3

Independents: 18

Former ruling party NDP: 11


Total: 118


Last Cairo Clashes Probe Preliminary Results

al Ahram daily – Dec. 20

Preliminary Results of Investigations on Cairo Clashes

Preliminary results of investigations on the bloody incidents in Tahrir Square and Mohamed Mahmoud St. said that jobless people, craftsmen and young students set fire deliberately to the Falaki Preparatory School.

Investigations also said 163 persons were arrested. They face charges of crowding, the use of force and violence against public authorities, sabotage of public and private property and traffic hindrance.

Investigations were supervised by two justices, Ahmed Abdel Aziz and Ali Ghallab.

The two justices said that preliminary results of their investigations are as follows:

–         A jobless man was arrested while he was trying to set fire to the Falaki Preparatory School at the Sheikh Rehan St. He confessed that he has a criminal record in crimes related to drugs and robbery. During the investigations on Cairo clashes, he confessed that he took money, L.E.50, from someone in order to set fire to the school. To do so, he took a gallon of oil and balls of cotton from the same person. He was put in provisional detention.

–         163 people were arrested in Tahrir Square and Mohamed Mahmoud St. They are jobless, or craftsmen or young students. They face charges of crowding (more than 5 persons together) and the use of force and violence against public authorities in order to prevent them from performing their duties.

–         The prosecution is looking into a report filed by an eyewitness in the Tahrir area. In the report, the eyewitness said that he saw a private car with 4 persons inside carrying a number of gallons that contained flammable substance (gasoline) and a number of empty soda water bottles and they filled in those bottles with that gasoline and closed them with pieces of cloth in order to use them in attacking the men of public authorities and government buildings.

–         Based on investigations, death toll in these incidents reached 41 and several others were injured.

A number of firearms, ammunitions, empty bullets, smoke bombs was seized under the supervision of the Public Prosecution. They are being checked by the forensic medicine to indicate whether or not they were used during the incidents.