Asharq al Awsat – July 27, 2011

Yemen Transitional Council Member: “We Do Not Know Who Runs Yemen Now”

Huriya Mashour, member of the Yemeni transitional presidential council, said despite all Gulf and international efforts, President Saleh is sticking to power refusing to transfer power and does not want to help and contribute to rescuing the country.

She expressed reservations about the UN initiative to solve the Yemeni crisis and said: “I am afraid the initiative was meant to waste time just like the Gulf initiative which was rejected by the regime and I am afraid the UN initiative seeks procrastination, postponement and purchase of time. I think no benefit can be gained from that initiative.”

She criticized the way Yemen’s vice president is acting since he got powers from Saleh who left Yemen for medical surgeries in Saudi Arabia.

“Actually, his performance was not good because all matters deteriorated more largely than ever before. For example, services deteriorated, as well as security and there are armed clashes in Taiz and Arhab and other areas. There is a vacuum and we do not know who runs the country now.”

[Huriya Mashour was a member in the Yemeni ruling party and chairman of the National Committee for Women. But after revolution erupted and violence against demonstrators, she was one of the first Yemeni officials who defected from the Saleh’s regime and joined the rebels. Lately, she was selected as a member of the transitional presidential council, which consists of 17 personalities.]