Al Dustour – July 27, 2011

 Mubarak Refuses to Eat after Watching Adli’s Trial on TV

 A high-ranking medical source at the Sharm el Sheikh International Hospital told al Dustour that Mubarak complained for one hour from breathing difficulty two days ago at night and this urged doctors to bring oxygen masks next to his bed and after a while he started breathing normally.

Heartbeat got back to normalcy yesterday while doctors advised his Suzanne Mubarak to try to enliven his spirits and stop talking about the trial and even to try making him believe that the trial will be delayed.

The source said Mubarak’s heartbeat is troubled and this is normal due to his bad psychological status.

Generally, his health conditions are quite stable, said the source.

The daily also learnt from sources that Mubarak got depressed after watching the live trial of ex-interior minister Habib el Adli on TV.

This is believed to be the main reason behind his bad mood.

Mubarak refused to eat last night but drank sugarless tea with milk this morning with a Romy cheese sandwich.

The daily learnt that Health Ministry is to form a high-level medical team to write a report on Mubarak’s health and whether he can appear before court in Sharm.