Al Dustour – July 27, 2011

American Taking Photos of Strategic Sites Arrested in Suez

Armed forces watching the navigational waterway of the Suez Canal arrested an American tourist in Bour Tawfiq area while taking photos of strategic sites at the waterway.

The guy was watched by the armed forces as taking photos at the navigational course of the canal, as well as the barriers and wired walls built to fortify the waterway.

Asked about his nationality, he said he is American and does not belong to any press or media corporation. The man had no permit to take photos. He was arrested and kept at the hands of the military intelligence.

A well-informed military source confirmed that Egypt’s Military Council has given instructions to tighten security in the three canal governorates: Ismailiya, Suez and Port Said, anticipating any attempts that may harm Egypt’s national security or the security of the canal itself.