NTC Military Source: “One Fateful Week before Ramadan”

The Qaddafi regime is ready to get into a ceasefire deal immediately if NATO stopped hitting the regime’s civilian and military targets, official sources told Asharq al Awsat.

The regime used to talk indirectly about the possibility of Qaddafi’s exit from power under international guarantees. But Libyan officials yesterday said Qaddafi may welcome to remain in Libya in a relatively isolated place if he became sure of a peaceful transfer of power.

One of Saif al Islam’s aides told the daily that “this is a great idea. Saif can play a transitional role in this stage and Qaddafi can accept to remain a symbol only.”

That man said that idea was sent to several western governments, which replied positively, but the rebels rejected it because they believe it is impossible to secure Qaddafi’s life after stepping down.

A military source in the NTC told the daily in a phone call from Benghazi that the coming week is a fateful week for both the Qaddafi regime and the rebels ahead of Ramadan.

The same source said controlling Breiga – a highly important strategic place – will deprive Qaddafi from one of the most important places to get crude oil.

Qaddafi seems to be in a race against time not to lose oilfields and oil areas.

Meanwhile, a key Libyan official, who talked to the daily from Tripoli, said: “Banks face tough illiquidity problems, plus the fuel crisis, which exhausts the ordinary people in Tripoli. Fighting must stop immediately and NATO should give us a chance to rearrange our cards and to start a national dialog on all issues.”