Yemen Rebels Set up Transitional Council

A youth opposition faction named itself the preparatory commission for revolution youth council has declared the setup of a transitional presidential council to run the country.

Names of the council’s 17 members were announced in a press conference yesterday.

The council is headed by ex-prime minister Haidar Abu Bakr al Attas – a prominent opposition figure living abroad.

The council includes important members such as:

1-       the former defense minister Maj. Gen. Abdullah Ali Eleiwa, who will be the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces

2-       Judge Faheem Mohsen, chief of the Supreme Judiciary Council

3-       Former president of South Yemen Ali Nasser Mohamed, an opposition figure in exile

4-       Abdullah Salam al Hakimi

5-       Businessman Jamal al Mitrib

6-       Former member of parliament Saad Eddin ben Taleb

Other members are famous opposition figures, partisan personalities and parliamentarians.

Revolution Youth, who set up the council, said the council will run the country in the coming transitional period, which will not exceed 9 months, starting from the day of the first meeting of the council members.

The council will be responsible for answering the demands of the revolution.

One of the council members will be responsible for establishing a technocrat government.

This came as Yemenis are getting clashing reports on Saleh’s return. He is supposed to return today, July 17, according to unofficial expectations.

July 17 marks the 33rd anniversary of Saleh’s assumption of power. He became president on July 17, 1978.

Moreover, a transitional national council is to be formed to assume legislative and supervisory duties and put a new constitution, according to results of the national dialog.

The national council will also oversee a national dialog to reach a fair solution for the issue of southern Yemen and the Saada issue.

The transitional national council would include as many as 501 members.