“No Preconditions for National Dialog, It’ll be on Democratic Plural Country” – Syria VP

Syria VP Faruq al Shara said undeclared preliminary meetings have been held between the national dialog authority and some opposition figures.

“We confirmed nonexistence of any preconditions from any party to participate in the dialog,” he noted.

The dialog aims to change the climate and develop the political, economic and social structure because the unified, powerful, democratic and plural country is a homeland for all, he continued.

Al Shara chaired the dialog authority meetings formed a few weeks ago by President Assad. He said it is natural to organize such undeclared preliminary meetings between members of the dialog authority and opposition figures directly or via the Internet.

The dialog aims to turn over the page of the past and open a new page toward the future, he said.

“Everything will put on the roundtable under the umbrella of the homeland and with a good language away from accusation and defamation,” he added.

He said the meetings of the Syrian opposition in Damascus were positive or at least resulted in positive points, especially the points that focused on the unity of the homeland and rejection of seeking outside help.

According to al Shara, the dialog aims to achieve 2 important goals:

–          to change the general atmosphere in Syria and to affect Syrian people’s mood positively and this goal is immediate and direct

–          to change and develop the political, economic and social structure though legislative laws and institutions in order to build a plural democratic system where Syria’s future will be decided by ballot boxes and fair elections and this is the main and most important goal

He said the national dialog was launched under a presidential decision during the crisis and it gained growing momentum and became a popular demand and a national necessity that may help solve the crisis.