Negotiations in Yemen to Amend Gulf Plan

Negotiations are underway among Yemeni sides to amend the Gulf initiative that aims to solve the crisis, pro- and anti-Saleh political sources in Sanaa said.

They are sponsored by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon and supported by US Ambassador to Yemen, Gerald M. Feierstein and Gulf parties.

Negotiators want to extend the transitional period during which Yemeni VP assumes President Saleh’s powers until the presidential elections in Sept. 2013.

During that period, said the sources, a national unity government would be formed by opposition parties that shape the Joint Meeting bloc.

That government shall run the country’s affairs, set the stage politically and at the security level for new elections, restore government control over all provinces and adjust the situations of the military and security bodies, according to the sources.

The opposition said it takes Ban Ki-moon’s proposals seriously and discusses them, but it demands that first of all the power must be transferred to VP before any dialog on the transitional period with other political forces, including the ruling party.

If all options failed, said the sources, the Joint Meeting Parties may establish a transitional council, which protesters want to establish to run the country.

That council would not be declared before two weeks, waiting to decide which forces will join it and percentage of representation for each.