“Military Coup Unlikely, Army to Break Up” – Former Syria VP

 Abdul Halim Khaddam, Syria’s former vice president, visited Brussels for the third time in a few weeks.

 Asharq al Awsat interviewed him. Below are the main points:

Q: Some information says the free Syrian officers’ movement has started moving toward a military coup. Is this possible?

 A: Free officers’ movement is a step adopted by a group of military men within the framework of national action to save the homeland.

 The issue of change in Syria is connected to several factors. The military factor is one of them. Briefly, a set of factors would lead to change.

 But it is difficult to say that a military coup is possible. Most likely, the army will break up due to the psychological reflections on military men. A lot of them wonder where Bashar Assad is taking them.

 That question leads to another question: What should be done? Therefore, the army is getting closer to this mood for psychological, nationalistic and, sometimes, financial reasons.

 Syria is no longer far from bankruptcy and the day is near in which the country will become unable to provide the minimum requirements of military action.

 He also said Iran is concerned over the destiny of the Syrian regime. It realizes the departure of the Syrian regime means the departure of the Iranian one and it will lose Syria – its biggest ally in controlling Lebanon, and will also lose Lebanon because Syrian regime departure will change the entire equation in Lebanon.

 Russia’s role will harm its future interests in Syria and the Arab region. It imagines that the regime will stay in power, but this will not happen. Under rising pressure from the world community and the Arab opinion, Russia will change its stance and will copy its stance with Libya.