Yemen VP: “We Do not Know When Saleh Will Return”

Yemeni opposition denied receiving any invitation from President Saleh to get into a dialog in order to implement the Gulf initiative to transfer power.

Reports about Saleh’s health condition remain vague.

Vice President, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, said Saleh was seriously injured in different parts of his body.

“Saleh’s return to Yemen depends on doctors’ decision. This would take days, weeks or even months,” Hadi said.

Hadi refuses to start a power transfer process, arguing that Saleh should return to Yemen first to start that process.

Sultan Atwani – secretary of the Nasserite Party (one of several parties that form the Yemeni opposition bloc Joint Meeting Parties) – said: “Saleh became a history and no calls may be directed to someone unknown” (he means Saleh himself).

Atwani said the opposition received no invitation for dialog, even from the Gulf officials, who seem unserious about implementing the Gulf initiative.

He said: “So far, GCC countries failed to give a clear stance regarding Saleh’s disapproval to sign the initiative. They also failed to announce Saleh’s exit from the political process.”

According to Atwani, Gulf leaders do not like to confess that the Yemeni revolution has already won, stressing that “the revolution does not pose any threat to the GCC member countries.”

But Atwani said there are contacts between vice president and the opposition to start power transfer and to put an executive program and timetable for implementing the Gulf initiative.

Atwani also confirmed that vice president does not enjoy full powers to run the country because Saleh’s sons control almost everything.