Hama Free City after Troops Pullout – Activists

Syrian troops got out of Hama two days ago, leaving it under the control of demonstrators whose protests got wider and chanting got stronger against a regime they would not dare to just talk about it.

Troops pullout surprised activists and diplomats. But they have different views whey the troops withdrew.

Some say the regime does not want to kill more and does not want a bloody clash with Hama citizens. Others say the Syrian security apparatus is exhausted after expanding its operations in many Syrian areas.

Hama people celebrated the withdrawal of the troops. They see it as a victory over the troops. An activist, who said his name is Hanin, said “Hama has become a liberated city.”

Troops and security forces also pulled out of Abu Kamal area near the Syrian borders with Iraq and pulled out of some Damascus suburbs, residents and activists said.

Deir az-Zour city is still surrounded with troops, while some Syrians say the troops deploy inside the city itself and not around it.

In 1982, Syrian troops stormed Hama and killed 10,000 at least in a clash between the government and armed Islamic opposition.

A Hama teacher, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: “We learnt from our mistakes. Erupting a partial revolution means digging our graves with our hands.”


Clashes erupted between government forces and protesters on June 3 during which 73 protesters were killed, according to activists, while the government said troops and security elements were killed as well.