Egypt PM Wants to Fire 7 Ministers, SCAF Rejects

 Informed government sources said Egypt’s PM Essam Sharaf sent a list of 7 ministers to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), demanding they must be fired because they failed to react quickly to citizens’ demands, put the goals of the revolution into effect, achieve social justice, remove the symbols of corruption and because some of them oppose Sharaf’s policies.

All the 7 officials are ministers in the service sector.

The sources said most of those ministers are believed to be loyal to the ousted regime and are not involved in the performance of the new cabinet.

For example, one of them opposed the decision of dismantling the local councils and asked Sharaf and the government to challenge it, said the sources.

But SCAF rejected Sharaf’s request.

The sources said if the situations continued and if the ministers do not respond to Sharaf’s policies, this would urge Sharaf to demand them be changed or to resign himself from his post if his request was not answered.

Meanwhile, Sharaf changed some administrative leaders in the cabinet, replacing them with figures close to him.