Syria Rebels Think of Drawing Money from Banks

Syrian rebels are trying to blow the Assad regime financially. They launched a large-scale campaign on their Facebook homepage, urging Syrians to draw their deposits and money from banks.

Syrians believe this is an important card they can use to step up pressure on the regime and exhaust it financially.

The conformation between the regime and the protesters turns financial.

“This will be greatly effective in favor of the Syrian people and for the success of the revolution in a record time. The regime needs money to fund the army and support it logistically for example with equipment, weapons and all kinds of supply…all that is being financed with our own money in banks. Therefore, we should draw our money and transfer it to hard currency for the reasons we have mentioned and also because the Syrian lira is about to collapse. So, we should take our money from banks in order to prevent the regime from using them in killing us and to prevent the Assad family, Makhlouf and their partners from stealing them,” Syrian activists and rebels said in their campaign.

The campaign is selling good among Syrian oppositionists, who would like to get it generalized.

“Each lira in the bank contributes to the price of a bullet that kills the sons of this homeland,” said Mohannad al Ali, a pro-revolution Syrian.

The Syrian lira is expected to become like the Lebanese lira during the Lebanese war.

However, some do not like the idea from A to Z.

Sileem Shadi – a Syrian citizen – says the campaign can actually help topple the regime but later Syria will be just like Mozambique and we (the rebels) will face the cost of the deteriorated economic situations…the plan will weaken Syria’s economy and not the regime’s.

Tunisia rebels encourage Syrians to go ahead.

Maryam Kuki – a Tunisian lady – says: “That idea was great and essential in our revolution.”

On Facebook, Syrian rebels post the names of major traders and their corporations, which they describe as the economic backbone of the regime, urging Syrians to boycott their products.

Banking sources are waiting to see if Syrians have actually started responding to the campaign and drawing their money or exchanging them to hard currencies.