Qaddafi Will be Arrested by Libyans – ICC Prosecutor Says

 Luis Moreno Ocampo – Prosecutor of the ICC – told al Hayat that he will not request NATO to put his arrest warrant into effect because the Libyan rebels had promised him to arrest Qaddafi themselves.

He said the best way is that the Libyan government arrests him, his son and Abdullah al Sinussi.

Asked how such a thing could happen, Ocampo said: “This could happen if those (his leaders and commanders) rose against him…this is the best solution.”

Asked why the arrest warrant targets only 3 persons in the Qaddafi regime, Ocampo said: “Because I believe they are the main pyramid in the regime. Qaddafi gave orders (to quell the protesters), his son also gave similar orders because he used to act like the prime minister and al Sinussi put those orders into effect.”

He said he is sure there are several other criminals (in the Qaddafi regime)…but the ICC is not concerned of brining all those criminals for trial in the Hague…this matter is let for the Libyan people.

He said if evidences became available, he might order the arrest of one, two or three more persons for the crimes they committed in Libya.