Turkey Warns Syria of Undesirable Scenarios

 Turkey continues pressurizing the Syrian regime to introduce reforms and fulfill the pledges announced by President Assad.

Tension is building on the borders with the Syrian army taking positions all over the border areas.

Turkey also intensified its measures on the borders, the last of which was a temporary closure of its borders with Syria.

Some Syrian sources accused Turkey of closing the borders to prevent Syrian civilians from joining a pro-Bashar demonstration in Antakya.

Those sources also condemned the Turkish interference in Syria.

But official Turkish sources said the borders were closed for a few hours for technical reasons – – some new measures were adopted and this required blocking the borders for a while.

“Turkey is not pleased with the Syrian moves that could increase tension and open the door for undesirable scenarios,” the same sources told Asharq al Awsat.

“If Syria continued handling the people demands the same way, this would aggravate the crisis and shed more blood,” they added.

Turkey continues contacting the Syrian leadership and offering advices, they noted.

Turkey is also contacting the Syrian opposition. A Syrian opposition delegation is scheduled to visit Ankara soon to present their ideas.

US, Israel and Turkey are said to be coordinating and exchanging information on the situations in Syria, said the sources.

They also said political contacts are open with the US over Syria and that President Obama has expressed his interest in the Turkish ideas on the best way to handle the crisis.

Turkey still prefers reforms to be done by President Bashar to help Syrians express themselves freely…Syria needs a modern law for political parties and the media, as well as freedom of assembly and of speech.

But such reforms must concur with questioning those who committed crimes against civilians.

This would help open a new page. Suppression leads to nothing, confirmed the sources.