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Commandos to Detain Qaddafi

Al Hayat – June 29, 2011

Rebels Form Commandos to Detain Qaddafi

 Libyan rebels yesterday said they have formed a “commandos corps” to arrest Qaddafi in Tripoli when rebels enter the city.

“The rebels will put the ICC arrest warrant into effect for Qaddafi to face trial later,” Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the Libyan NTC, told al Hayat.

Abdul Jalil expects the Qaddafi regime to “die” with a few weeks.

ICC prosecutor also said: “It is a matter of time. Qaddafi will face charges. I do not think we will have to wait for long. The issue will end with 2 or 3 months.”

Qaddafi’s retinue can be part of the problem so they would be followed and become wanted and can be part of the solution by helping stopping the crimes being committed by Qaddafi, the prosecutor noted.

“NTC will depend on a special commandos corps in arresting Qaddafi when the rebels enter Tripoli…the rebels now control 75% of Libya and there are groups of rebels executing specific operations inside Tripoli itself – said Abdul Jalil.

He said NTC seeks to detain Qaddafi to hand him over to the ICC but it seems more preferable for him to arrest Qaddafi and put him on trial in Tripoli because the Libyan laws are more applicable on the types of crime he committed – – if the Libyans failed to try him, the ICC can do it.


SCAF Rejects PM Request to Fire 7 Ministers

Egypt PM Wants to Fire 7 Ministers, SCAF Rejects

 Informed government sources said Egypt’s PM Essam Sharaf sent a list of 7 ministers to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), demanding they must be fired because they failed to react quickly to citizens’ demands, put the goals of the revolution into effect, achieve social justice, remove the symbols of corruption and because some of them oppose Sharaf’s policies.

All the 7 officials are ministers in the service sector.

The sources said most of those ministers are believed to be loyal to the ousted regime and are not involved in the performance of the new cabinet.

For example, one of them opposed the decision of dismantling the local councils and asked Sharaf and the government to challenge it, said the sources.

But SCAF rejected Sharaf’s request.

The sources said if the situations continued and if the ministers do not respond to Sharaf’s policies, this would urge Sharaf to demand them be changed or to resign himself from his post if his request was not answered.

Meanwhile, Sharaf changed some administrative leaders in the cabinet, replacing them with figures close to him.

Libyans – Not NATO – to Arrest Qaddafi

Qaddafi Will be Arrested by Libyans – ICC Prosecutor Says

 Luis Moreno Ocampo – Prosecutor of the ICC – told al Hayat that he will not request NATO to put his arrest warrant into effect because the Libyan rebels had promised him to arrest Qaddafi themselves.

He said the best way is that the Libyan government arrests him, his son and Abdullah al Sinussi.

Asked how such a thing could happen, Ocampo said: “This could happen if those (his leaders and commanders) rose against him…this is the best solution.”

Asked why the arrest warrant targets only 3 persons in the Qaddafi regime, Ocampo said: “Because I believe they are the main pyramid in the regime. Qaddafi gave orders (to quell the protesters), his son also gave similar orders because he used to act like the prime minister and al Sinussi put those orders into effect.”

He said he is sure there are several other criminals (in the Qaddafi regime)…but the ICC is not concerned of brining all those criminals for trial in the Hague…this matter is let for the Libyan people.

He said if evidences became available, he might order the arrest of one, two or three more persons for the crimes they committed in Libya.

Syria Revolt Turns Financial

Syria Rebels Think of Drawing Money from Banks

Syrian rebels are trying to blow the Assad regime financially. They launched a large-scale campaign on their Facebook homepage, urging Syrians to draw their deposits and money from banks.

Syrians believe this is an important card they can use to step up pressure on the regime and exhaust it financially.

The conformation between the regime and the protesters turns financial.

“This will be greatly effective in favor of the Syrian people and for the success of the revolution in a record time. The regime needs money to fund the army and support it logistically for example with equipment, weapons and all kinds of supply…all that is being financed with our own money in banks. Therefore, we should draw our money and transfer it to hard currency for the reasons we have mentioned and also because the Syrian lira is about to collapse. So, we should take our money from banks in order to prevent the regime from using them in killing us and to prevent the Assad family, Makhlouf and their partners from stealing them,” Syrian activists and rebels said in their campaign.

The campaign is selling good among Syrian oppositionists, who would like to get it generalized.

“Each lira in the bank contributes to the price of a bullet that kills the sons of this homeland,” said Mohannad al Ali, a pro-revolution Syrian.

The Syrian lira is expected to become like the Lebanese lira during the Lebanese war.

However, some do not like the idea from A to Z.

Sileem Shadi – a Syrian citizen – says the campaign can actually help topple the regime but later Syria will be just like Mozambique and we (the rebels) will face the cost of the deteriorated economic situations…the plan will weaken Syria’s economy and not the regime’s.

Tunisia rebels encourage Syrians to go ahead.

Maryam Kuki – a Tunisian lady – says: “That idea was great and essential in our revolution.”

On Facebook, Syrian rebels post the names of major traders and their corporations, which they describe as the economic backbone of the regime, urging Syrians to boycott their products.

Banking sources are waiting to see if Syrians have actually started responding to the campaign and drawing their money or exchanging them to hard currencies.

Syria Warned of Undesirable Scenarios

Turkey Warns Syria of Undesirable Scenarios

 Turkey continues pressurizing the Syrian regime to introduce reforms and fulfill the pledges announced by President Assad.

Tension is building on the borders with the Syrian army taking positions all over the border areas.

Turkey also intensified its measures on the borders, the last of which was a temporary closure of its borders with Syria.

Some Syrian sources accused Turkey of closing the borders to prevent Syrian civilians from joining a pro-Bashar demonstration in Antakya.

Those sources also condemned the Turkish interference in Syria.

But official Turkish sources said the borders were closed for a few hours for technical reasons – – some new measures were adopted and this required blocking the borders for a while.

“Turkey is not pleased with the Syrian moves that could increase tension and open the door for undesirable scenarios,” the same sources told Asharq al Awsat.

“If Syria continued handling the people demands the same way, this would aggravate the crisis and shed more blood,” they added.

Turkey continues contacting the Syrian leadership and offering advices, they noted.

Turkey is also contacting the Syrian opposition. A Syrian opposition delegation is scheduled to visit Ankara soon to present their ideas.

US, Israel and Turkey are said to be coordinating and exchanging information on the situations in Syria, said the sources.

They also said political contacts are open with the US over Syria and that President Obama has expressed his interest in the Turkish ideas on the best way to handle the crisis.

Turkey still prefers reforms to be done by President Bashar to help Syrians express themselves freely…Syria needs a modern law for political parties and the media, as well as freedom of assembly and of speech.

But such reforms must concur with questioning those who committed crimes against civilians.

This would help open a new page. Suppression leads to nothing, confirmed the sources.

Syria Opposition Meeting in Damascus Stirs Criticism

Syria Opposition Meeting in Damascus Stirs Criticism

Damascus is witnessing an independent, open national meeting for consultations over the current situation in Syria and how to shift peacefully to a democratic, civil state.

The meeting was called for by a number of Syrian oppositionists, intellectuals and citizens, who do not belong to any party or coalition.

The meeting discusses 1- the current situation in Syria…2- how to shift to a democratic, civil state…3- the role of the Syrian elites in the shift process.

Opinions differed on that meeting. Some oppositionists refused to join it because they believe it is an attempt to deceive the revolution.

Others believe it is an attempt to improve the image of the regime, which lost legitimacy.

Harsh criticisms were posted in Facebook.

Those criticisms urged the opposition activist Loay Hussein to confirm that the recommendations of that meeting express the will of the participants and that there is no internal or external agenda for the meeting, and that it is completely independent and not sponsored by the Syrian government or any other side and that no government representative attends the meeting and that the meeting is fully funded by the participants, who are independent, and that the participants do not know one another and that the meeting does not seek to offer an answer for the national dialog promoted by the regime.

Hussein also emphasized that the meeting is not a dialog between two sides and that the participants are brave enough to declare what they feel.

Fayez Sara, another Syrian oppositionist who supports the meeting, says some want the Damascus meeting to fail.

He confirmed that the meeting will discuss the crisis in Syria and how it would affect the Syrian nation, their homeland and their lives.

He said social, economic and cultural personalities are attending the meeting and those personalities do not belong to any party and most of them are famous in the Syrian opposition.

He also said media coverage is allowed for the meeting.

He added that no government representatives are attending the meeting.

Yassin Haj Saleh, a famous Syrian opposition figure, refused to join the meeting like several other oppositionists.

Opposition figures – who are threatened to be detained by the Syrian authorities – are also expected not to attend the meeting…such as Suheir al Atassi and Razan Zaytouna (two female activists).

Many others  – who speak to foreign media about the situations in Syria and who are believed to be moving and influencing the protests in the Syrian streets – will not attend the meeting.

محاكمة مبارك ستعود لنقطة الصفر إذا لم تُحسم قبل 30 يونيو

محاكمة مبارك ستعود لنقطة الصفر إذا لم تُحسم قبل 30 يونيو

يبلغ المستشار أحمد رفعت، رئيس الدائرة الخامسة بمحكمة جنايات شمال القاهرة التى تحاكم الرئيس المخلوع مبارك ونجليه فى قضية قتل الثوار، عامه السبعين فى 17 من أكتوبر المقبل، حيث ولد فى عام 1941، ليصل بذلك إلى سن تقاعد القضاة وفقا لآخر تعديل فى قانون السلطة القضائية.

وكشف مصدر قضائى أنه بالرغم من بلوغ المستشار أحمد رفعت سن التقاعد فى أكتوبر المقبل، فإنه سيظل فى منصبه كرئيس للدائرة التى تحاكم مبارك حتى نهاية العام القضائى الجديد فى 30 يونيو 2012، لكن المصدر الذى طلب عدم ذكر اسمه فجر مفاجأة من العيار الثقيل حينما أكد أنه فى حالة عدم البت فى القضية قبل نهاية العام القضائى المقبل فى 30 يونيو 2012 فإن ذلك يعنى تعيين قاض جديد لمحاكمة الرئيس المخلوع حسنى مبارك ونجليه علاء وجمال بتهمة قتل الثوار، وهو ما يعنى أيضا عودة كل إجراءات القضية لنقطة الصفر، والبدء فى محاكمته من جديد بعد 30 يونيو من العام المقبل، باعتبار أنها قضية تعرض للمرة الأولى، بما يعنى إطالة أمد الدعوى وعدم صدور حكم فيها فى الأمد القريب على حد وصف المصدر.

وبحسب قرار وزير العدل رقم 4853 لسنة 1981، والقرار رقم 440 لسنة 1986 فيتم استبقاء القاضى فى الخدمة بعد بلوغه سن التقاعد وحتى نهاية العام القضائى فى الثلاثين من يونيو، طبقا للمادة 69 من قانون السلطة القضائية.

وكان المستشار السيد عبدالعزيز عمر، رئيس محكمة استئناف القاهرة، قد قرر اسناد نظر القضية للمستشار أحمد رفعت، رئيس محكمة جنايات شمال القاهرة، وحدد جلسة 3 أغسطس المقبل لنظر أولى جلسات القضية بعد اعتذار المستشار عادل عبدالسلام جمعة الذى يحاكم اللواء حبيب العادلى، وزير الداخلية الأسبق، و6 من كبار مساعديه، فى اتهام قتل الثوار أيضا.

وفى السياق ذاته، أكد المصدر أن قضية قتل الثوار التى ينظرها المستشار عادل عبدالسلام جمعة ستشهد مفاجآت قانونية فى الأيام المقبلة، قد تهدد المحكمة بالبطلان.